Review of Better Business Bureau Complaints



The team at has learned that the Better Business Bureau's rating system for the debt settlement industry does not help consumers distinguish the good companies from the bad. As a matter of fact, each privately owned association can use different rating criteria or choose to not rate debt settlement companies at all. So it is possible to have an accredited BBB member with dozens of complaints receive an "A" rating in one city and another company with three or four complaints receive an "F" grade in another city just based on different rating systems.


While we applaud the work done by most BBB associations, we do feel the BBB is woefully inadequate to deal with companies that work in different geographical areas simply because the different rating systems. We believe if the BBB is going to rate companies that operate primarily online, they should develop national standards more in line with federal law and regulations that people can use to accurately compare the quality of companies in the debt settlement industry.


Fortunately there is one element of BBB reporting that is comparative. BBB complaints are listed nationwide and available for public viewing. Keep in mind most complaints are resolved which the BBB is very good at, however the team at believes the number of complaints a company has, resolved or not is an indication of the companies ability to resolve issues before a client feels the need to go to a third-party.



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American Credit Group


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 0


Search Results for "American Credit Group Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 0

Total Debt Services


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 13


Search Results for "Total Debt Services Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 13



BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 15


Search Results for "Debtmerica Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 15

DMB Financial


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 16


Search Results for "DMB Financial Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 16

Oak View Law Group


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 16


Search Results for "Oak View Law Group Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 16

Superior Debt Relief


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 17


Search Results for "Superior Debt Relief Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 17

National Debt Resolution


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 18


Search Results for "National Debt Resolution Complaints"


BBB Complaints: 18

Christian Debt Consolidators


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 43


Search Results for "Christian Debt Consolidators"


BBB Complaints: 43

Freedom Debt Relief


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 249


Search Results for "Freedom Debt Relief"


BBB Complaints: 249

Credit Solutions


BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months) - 1255


Search Results for "Credit Solutions"


BBB Complaints: 1255